Tuesday, March 23, 2010

What I do at 8:30am on a Tuesday

This morning after only about an hour of sleep I got up at the ringing of my alarm. For my Gender and Communications class I have decide to do the stepping out project. This project requires that I do something that is outside my comfort zone, and this is the reason I am up a 6:45. I had to drive to campus to attend a protest against Westboro Baptist Church, because I have never been to a protest in my life. This is a church that preaches hate against our country, people of Jewish descent, and anyone that does not see heterosexuality as the only correct lifestyle. These people use their children to promote hate towards other, and ingrain a intolerance for other people into them from birth. This makes me sad because after all what can these people know other than the distorted hateful view that was taught to them their entire lives...
So when I arrive on campus I go and grab a cup of coffee and then walk over with some friends to the protest that the students of CofC were conducting. As we approach we see what appears to be a family of four on the the corner (one being a child that looked no more than 7) with signs that have very hateful messages, but although they are the ones trying to receive the attention the first thing you see is the CofC students. I quite possible think that this is the proudest that I have ever been of my college. They were standing as a community saying that we as students promote love towards everyone no matter who they are. I feel that us as students protested in the best possible way and got our point across if not to the church, then to the community were we live.
I know this has nothing to do with knitting or baking...this falls under the happenings category
There is probably many grammatical errors because as I am typing this I am run on little sleep so I am slightly delirious.

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